Ciba Specialty Chemicals “Precision” Poster

Ciba Specialty Chemicals “Precision” Poster

Gottschalk & Ask International, Toronto, Ontario, 1997


The poster is one in a series devoted to communicating the meaning behind the Ciba Specialty Chemical’s corporate logo—the butterfly symbol—to company employees and the general public. The featured image represents the precise design and superlative technical expertise of Ciba’s chemical processes. The logical structure of the symbol underpins the company’s dedication to quality and perfection in all its operations. As part of a unified design program for Ciba, this poster demonstrates excellence through its clear, concise, and powerful design, dedicated to a single, high-impact message. In addition, the identity positions the new Ciba Specialty Chemicals as assertive and strong, self-confident, youthful, international, and alive, and refocuses its culture toward high performance in the wake of the merger/demerger from its former parent.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 19 (1998)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Posters


Design firm
Gottschalk & Ask International
Graphic designers
Hélène L’Heureux, Heather Lafleur, Stuart Ash
Bowne of Toronto
Utopia Premium Blue White Silk 100# Text
Ciba Specialty Chemicals