Ask Adlab
Ask Adlab
Ask Adlab

Ask Adlab

The Seaton Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, 1996


Ask Adlab is a pocket card for Adlab’s hourly recruiter staff. Adlab hires new people every month, so this information needs to be disseminated constantly. Employee handbooks and memos are not portable. Also, the information changes rather frequently and may need to be reprinted. This wallet-size pocket guide is small, yet chock full of info and inexpensive to reprint. The type in red highlights the general information on that line, making it easy to find the correct phone number quickly. The cards are on coated matte stock to withstand wear and tear.

The Ask Adlab card has proven successful on many levels. First, it gives new hires a sense of community and a level of comfort about their new job and surroundings. For day-to-day use, employees have instant access to phone numbers and company policies. This card eliminates many frequently asked questions and also reduces misdirected phone calls.

Collections: Design of Understanding 2
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Information design
Format: Information graphic, Cards


Design firm
The Seaton Corporation
Creative director
Hugh Farrington
Art director
Kirsten Goede
Carissa Andi
Helvetica Extra Compressed, Gill Sans
Repap Matte 80# Cover, White Matte Finish