Capitol Records, Hollywood, California, 1996


The inspiration for Menthol’s artwork came from some recurring themes in their songs. They often refer to subjects that are uniquely American with the optimism and naiveté of a bygone era, but their music is thoroughly modern. We researched album design of the past and noticed that often the logo appears on the cover of the artwork in a way that is no longer done. We borrowed this idea and carried it further by using other elements such as the bar code and catalogue number and used them as integral design elements on the cover instead of extraneous elements added as an afterthought. The result is a package that looks neither old nor new, and has a strong graphic nature.

Collections: Sound Off: The Top 100 CDs, Music Videos and Print Collateral
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package, Album cover


Design firm
Capitol Records
Art director/designer
Andy Mueller
Michele Martin, Andy Mueller