Great Ideas of Western Man, cube

Great Ideas of Western Man, cube

John Massey, Container Corporation of America, 1971


Juror Notes

Here's our old friend, the Great Ideas of Western Man
series. I hadn't come across it since it used to run in the
magazines. At the top of the page you'd see a quotation-
such as:

"Hitch your wagon to a star."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

And under it would be a painting of a cubistic horse strangling
on a banana. I often wondered if the artists were given
explicit instructions never to let the artwork have anything
to do with the quotation, because they never did. If this
was actually a policy, it was a brilliant stroke; because the
ads were supposed to have nothing whatsoever to do with
what the company actually did. I used to think the
company was called the Transcendental Can Corporation,
but I see by this entry that I was mistaken about that. Like
all institutional ads, the ads in this series convey the
message: "We really don't do what we really do (e.g., make
tin cans). What we manufacture is dignity."

-Tom WoIfe

Collections: Communication Graphics (1972)
Discipline: Package design
Format: Promotion, Artifact