• I. Miller, insert booklet
  • Shoe Business Illustrated, promotion booklet
  • Trahey/Cadwell Advertisements, reprint booklet
  • “I. Miller builds a shoe”
  • “Promenade in Sutton Park”
  • All the others have gone to Bonnie Cashin’s, poster
  • Kaleidoscope, letterhead
  • “Sheik a lip shade only the chic will know”
  • Marum Catalog Fall/Winter
  • “It’s not fake anything.  It’s real Dynel”
  • Ten tuition free, full-time scholarships…, mailing piece
  • “Since 1852, Washington leaders have followed The Star”
  • Franklin Simon:  New York Times, brochure
  • “A Bumper to Bumper Crop: See Dee”
  • “How long can you look in a Hoffritz window?”
  • “This girl is wearing a Formfit bra and a Rogers slip”
  • In Scandinavia, a face never looks like it was born yesterday.