• Hunt Clubs and Country Clubs in America
  • Occasional Verses: 1873–1923
  • "In Modern Dress," A one-act play
  • Memorial Exhibition of John Singer Sargent
  • With Petrarch: Twelve Sonnets, Prose Translations by John M. Synge
  • The Green Hat: A Romance
  • Benjamin Franklin’s Proposals for the Education of Youth in Pennsylvania
  • The Colonial Printer
  • South County Studies of Some Eighteenth Century Persons, Places & Conditions in the Portion of Rhode Island Called Narragansett
  • Letters from the Sandwich Islands, Written for the Sacramento Union
  • Some Unrecorded Letters of Caroline Norton, in the Altschul Collection of The Yale University Library
  • A Catalogue of the Altschul Collection of George Meredith in the Yale University Library
  • The Catalogue of the Collections of Joseph T. Tower, Jr., Class of 1921 in the Institute of Geographical Exploration, Harvard University
  • Life in Carolina and New England during the Nineteenth Century, as Illustrated by Reminiscences and Letters of the Middleton Family of Charleston, South Carolina, and of the DeWolf Family of Bristol, Rhode Island.