Savin V-35 Photocopier

Savin V-35 Photocopier

Plumb Design Group, Inc., 1985


Savin copier control panels are all designed to read from right to left. Most people are right-handed, which dictates that the simple “core” controls be at the far right. The keys are identified with bright color. Other controls are laid out to the left of the core section in decreasing order of frequency of use. The keys are grey to separate them and connote non-primary importance.

The features are organized in vertical modules to separate one from the other and also to permit the deletion or addition of features according to the model. A blue band spans the width of the panel and shows as the title band for each feature. Symbols are drawn to look like real paper with printed copy.

The problem of designing a control panel to incorporate many features in a limited area will continue to be a problem until the next generation products permit the layering of controls within a dynamic TV-like dot matrix display. The Savin V-35 control panel, despite having lots of content, is ordered and designed to be as transparent to the user as this product’s technology allows.

Collections: Functional Graphics
Discipline: Information design
Format: Graphical interface, Information graphic


Design firm
Plumb Design Group, Inc.
Andrew Serbinski
Ricoh Co., Ltd.