Join the Army. . . poster

Join the Army. . . poster

Smith/Greenland Company, Inc., 1971


Juror Notes

Typographers often disregard Addison's advice thai J poem
about an egg should not resemble an egg. They attempt to
achieve dramatic renderings of written statements,
especially poetry, by using spectacular typography and
varied type faces. This may "make sense" (literally) when
done by a poet concerned with spatial effects (Kenneth
Patchen, E. E. Cummings), but makes no sense when done
to an existing work. I regard even the best of such efforts as
interesting failures. I think that, not just for myself, but for
anyone, a gulf is made between these lively verbal
ebullitions and oneself—between the poet and oneself, in
fact—by the grandeur of the printing, which puts a spotlight
of enormous importance on these lines as poetry. Poems
themselves are dramatic performances of a sort; when they
are given dramatic treatment, reverentially, they lose some
of their intrinsic dramatic potency.

This poster does not pretend to be more than a
statement. Nothing superfluous has been added. It's the rare
typographer willing to preserve and present another man's

                                                    —Edmund Carpenter

Collections: Communication Graphics (1972)
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Posters