• The California Woodpecker and I, A Study in Comparative Zoölogy
  • The Dancer’s Quest, Essays on the Aesthetic of the Contemporary Dance
  • Caught: The Art of Photography in the German Democratic Republic
  • The Spoilage: Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement
  • Smallpox: The Fight to Eradicate a Global Scourge cover
  • A Scotch Paisano, Hugo Reid’s Life in California, 1832–1852, Derived from His Correspondence
  • Sexual Selections cover
  • Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology, and Bioterrorism cover
  • Japanese Expansion on the Asiatic Continent, A Study in the History of Japan with special reference to her international relations with China, Korea, and Russia
  • Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems—Ptolemaic and Copernican
  • Emma Goldman
  • Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art
  • Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas
  • Celebrating Modern Art: The Anderson Collection
  • Spirit Stones of China
  • Public Health Law: Power, Duty, Restraint
  • Made in California