Gatta Snowboards Silverware, Appliances, Disaster Series

Gatta Snowboards Silverware, Appliances, Disaster Series

Margo Chase Design, Los Angeles, California, 1995


This series of three directional concepts for a new line of graphite snowboards was presented to a Japanese manufacturer known for their golf and tennis equipment. The designers named the brand "Gatta," Japanese slang for "Gotta," and created board graphics that would convey a California aura – edgy but not too extreme – to a Japanese audience. Outrageously proportioned Western-style eating utensils, old-fashioned chrome appliances, and an LA disaster scenario complete with fire, smog, and earthquake put a whimsical, slightly disturbing spin on American iconography. Of the three proposals, the client mass produced the silverware series to rave reviews and better-than-expected sales.

Collections: A Decade of Sports Graphics
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Brand and identity systems, Illustration


Design firm
Margo Chase Design
Art director
Margo Chase
Wendy Ferris-Emery
Yonex Co., Ltd.