• Don Juan:  The Life and Death of Don Miguel de Mañara
  • Coulterville Chronicle: The Annals of a Mother Lode Mining Town
  • Mary Celeste: The Odyssey of an Abandoned Ship
  • This Hill, This Valley
  • An American in Paris, People of an Interlude between two Wars
  • The Artist in America
  • The Newhall Ranch: The Story of The Newhall Land & Farming Company
  • The Elements of Lettering
  • Chester Noyes Greenough: An Account of His Life as Teacher, Dean, Master & Scholar
  • The Obedience of a King of Portugal
  • The Sermons of John Donne: Volume VI
  • Czechoslovakia, Twenty Years of Independence
  • The Anatomy of British Sea Power: A History of British Naval Policy in the Pre-Dreadnought Era, 1880–1905
  • The American Heritage Book of the Revolution