Holy Mountain!
Holy Mountain!
Holy Mountain!
Holy Mountain!
Holy Mountain!

Holy Mountain!

Departement, Montreal, Quebec, 2010


Project brief: Through the microcosm of Mount Royal in Montréal, the interactive documentary Holy Mountain! offers an immersive inquiry into the idea of the sacred in societies that appear to shun religious dogma.

Approach: The 3-D representation of this mountain in the center of Montréal plunges us into a world that is at once poetic, beautiful and fragile. Original photos and videos reveal sacred and profane rituals as well as local history, showing how human migration colors contemporary societies. Day and night are reflected in this interactive piece, as well as rain or shine.

Effectiveness: Fifty thousand unique visitors per month and counting.

Juror Notes

Completely unique approach to communication and storytelling. Very cinematic experience. Rejected the browser and screen as limitations. Blends reality with experience.

Immersive experience. Made a taboo topic engaging and nonjudgmental. Used metaphor, but not heavy-handed. Great sound element—a cinematic experience. The exclamation point is odd.

Collections: AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Information design
Format: Information graphic, Interaction, Video


Design firm
Art director
Philippe Archontakis
Philippe Archontakis, Mathieu Léger
Interactive designer
Nicolas S. Roy
Hélène De Billy
Vincent Letellier
Director of photography
Gilbert Duclos
Content strategist
Anne-Marie Lavigne
Hugues Sweeney
Map/chart designers
Jean-François Gauthier, Francis Gélinas
Martin Viau
Project manager
Dominique Willieme
National Film Board of Canada