Heritage Press Cow Poster

Heritage Press Cow Poster

Peterson & Company, Dallas, Texas, 1996


The poster was directed toward art directors and graphic designers to make them aware that Heritage Press, a well-known printer, now has a 60-inch press to meet the quality needs of large-format jobs. Because of the visually demanding audience, the poster had to have impact, be interesting, unexpected, and bigger than life to show the quality of this press. Also, we wanted to make the audience feel that bigger is better, so here’s their opportunity. The parameters for the poster were to limit the size to 60 x40 inches and paper choices are very limited in that size. We were concerned about the paper quality but Heritage did such a great job with the separation and their pressmen are so good that it worked out fine.

I value this project because it was a fun opportunity to show my peers how cool the possibilities are to communicate ideas through the larger format. I feel that we captured our audience and entertained them also.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 18 (1997)
Discipline: Illustration
Format: Illustration, Posters


Design firm
Peterson & Company
Art directors
Miler Hung, Scott Ray
Rick Sealock
John Sealander
Heritage Press
US Bristol 24#
Heritage Press