TCHO luxury chocolate packaging
TCHO luxury chocolate packaging
TCHO luxury chocolate packaging
TCHO luxury chocolate packaging
TCHO luxury chocolate packaging

TCHO luxury chocolate packaging

Edenspiekermann, San Francisco, California, 2008


TCHO is a San Francisco–based luxury chocolate manufacturer with origins in the technology industry. TCHO is the first high-profile chocolate manufacturer to be established in the Bay Area since the incorporation of the Ghirardelli Company in 1852. In their product development, the founders identified six dominant natural aromas in the chocolate flavor spectrum: chocolaty, earthy, nutty, fruity, floral and citrus. The product line is based on these distinctive flavors.

TCHO’s proprietary initials are based on modernist industrial letterforms. An upswept cross-stroke in the H makes it subtly distinct. Just as the Aztec culture prized the cacao bean so highly that it was utilized as a form of currency, TCHO’s visual brand development draws on currency motifs, “guilloches,” to represent the six flavor distinctions within the product line. The visual brand system is based on the square as the simplest and most flexible geometric shape, and its color range extends from dark brown to bright magenta, orange and yellow, reflecting the flavors as well as the brand’s values.

Juror Notes

A new way of defining the chocolate experience; a librarian’s dream.

Indulged indulgence. Shares the same vein with chocoholics: too much is never enough. More, more, more.

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package


Design firm
Creative director
Susanna Dulkinys
Susanna Dulkinys, Tobias Trost
Francesca Bolognini
Mark Leet
Production director
Richard Richards
Production coordinator
Thomas Walsch
Production artist
Richard Richards
Apex Die Corporation
Printing methods
Heidelberg 6c Speedmaster CD 74 (5g & 9g paper wrappers), PMS colors + strike-through varnish + overall dull aqueous coating (inks), gold-foil stamping (copper dies) + die-cutting 60g box wrappers (special finishing)
Sterling, 10% PCW, FSC & SFI, 70 lb., Ultra Text (paper wrappers); Carolina Coated, C1S (SFI), 18 lb., cover (box wrappers); Sterling Ultra, 10% PCW, FSC & SFI, 100 lb., text (gift set-up boxes)
TCHO Ventures Inc.