• The History of American Sailing Ships
  • Love Poems of John Donne, Late Dean of St. Paul’s, b. 1573, d. 1631
  • The Dancer’s Quest, Essays on the Aesthetic of the Contemporary Dance
  • Unrolling the Map, The Story of Exploration
  • Bird Flight, A Collection of 200 Action Photographs
  • A Series of Monographs on Color: No. I: Color Chemistry, No. II: Color as Light, No. III: Color in Use
  • A Round of Carols, Music Arranged by T. Tertius Noble
  • Nevada Mining Laws, the text of the local laws and regulations enacted by four local mining districts in Nevada, 1863
  • Street Fair
  • The Sermon on the Mount, Being the Fifth, Sixth, & Seventh Chapters of the Gospel according to St. Matthew in the King James Version of The Holy Bible
  • The Anatomy of Lettering
  • Typee, A Romance of the South Seas
  • Diaghileff, His Artistic and Private Life, By Arnold L. Haskell in Collaboration with Walter Nouvel
  • Gentlefolk in the Making, Studies in the History of English Courtesy Literature and Related Topics from 1531 to 1774
  • Belomor, An Account of the Construction of the New Canal between the White Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • Life Among the Indians or: The Captivity of the Oatman Girls among the Apache and Mohave Indians…as given by Lorenzo D. and Olive A. Oatman, the only surviving members of their family, to the author, R.B. Stratton
  • A Bibliography of the Works of Mark Twain, Samuel Langhorne Clemens: A List of the First Editions in Book Form and of the First Printings in Periodicals and Occasional Publications of His Varied Literary Activities, revised and enlarged