• Mexican Bouquet
  • The American Rhodes Scholarships, a Review of the First Forty Years
  • A Treasury of Grand Opera
  • Blackberry Winter
  • The Little Magazine, A History and a Bibliography
  • Third Avenue, New York
  • The Discovery of Florida: Being a True Relation of the Vicissitudes That Attended the Governor Don Hernando De Soto…by A Fidalgo of Elvas
  • Hail Chant and Water Chant, Navajo Religion Series\, Volume II\, illustrated
  • New Aspects of John and William Hunter
  • Lectures Françaises, A Conversational Approach to Reading, A Reading Approach to Conversation: Book I Elementary, Book II Intermediate
  • The First Century of the John Carter Brown Library: A History with a Guide to the Collections
  • The Great King, King of Assyria: Assyrian Reliefs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • The Dance of Death Printed at Paris in 1490: A Reproduction Made from the Copy in the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection
  • BR Marks & Remarks, The Marks by Bruce Rogers, et al., The Remarks by His Friends
  • Look at America: The Country You Know—and Don’t Know
  • Prairie Wings: Pen and Camera Flight Studies
  • The Complete Poems and Stories of Edgar Allen Poe, with Selections from His Critical Writings
  • Adventures by Sea of Edward Coxere