Elliot Smith: Figure 8
Elliot Smith: Figure 8
Elliot Smith: Figure 8

Elliot Smith: Figure 8

Dreamworks Records, 2000


We wanted the packaging of this CD to reflect the music, which is fluid and delicate but very real and hand-crafted. We also wanted the packaging to have a visual hook–something that would create interest and bring the viewer closer. We decided to hand-cut letters and photos and create strong, simple, organic shapes and used a variety of backgrounds and textures, including the artist’s own handwriting. This helped give the package a realness and tactility that enhanced the personal nature of the music. Music packaging needs to be adapted to a wide variety of formats, sizes and uses, while still remaining readable and interesting. The entire packaging was based on a single photo that the artist was very excited about. From there, we took elements of that photo and created new elements, retaining a visual resonance.

Collections: Soundblast
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package, Album cover


Design firm
Dreamworks Records
Art directors/illustrators
Autumn de Wilde, Dale Smith
Autumn de Wilde