Nestea Ice website

Nestea Ice website

Juxt Interactive, Newport Beach, California, 2005


The Nestea Ice site served as the primary marketing vehicle in support of a new highly sweetened tea beverage from Nestea (licensed by Coca-Cola). The product is unique, in that it has a cooling ingredient that actually subtly numbs your mouth when you drink it. Juxt served as primary creative agency on the brand, creating the logo and the tagline “Absurdly Cold.” The target audience is college-age males largely in urban areas. The goal of the site was to build awareness of the product, and to provide an entertaining branded experience that would encourage users to share it with friends.

Juxt responded by creating a highly amusing, unexpected product website, with unique characters, original sound, and a wealth of interactive elements that engage the user with the Nestea Ice brand. The site tells a fun, fictional account of the genesis of the brand, and introduces original characters that embody the attributes of the product. ICE’N, the first rapping puppet made entirely of ice cubes, conveys the coolness of the ICE product through original rap videos, shot entirely in-house under Juxt’s art direction. There is also a game with the ICE’N character, which users can play and send to friends.

Juror Notes

Creates an environment where you want to play.

Collections: AIGA 365: 27 (2006)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Promotion, Website


Design firm
Juxt Interactive
Creative director
Todd Purgason
Art director
Jorge Calleja
Production directors
Victor Allen, Christian Ayotte
Joe Shepter
Leon “Locsmif” Douglas, Tony “4ize” Hayes
Director of photography
Ahmi Manson
Interactive designers
Justin Bernard, Kenneth Macy
Steve Wages
Project manager
Kristen Myers
Coca-Cola Company