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AIGA Medalists (2017)

The AIGA medal is awarded to individuals for their exception achievements, services, or other contributions to the field of design and visual communications.

The 2017 Gala honors Art Chantry, Emmett McBain (posthumously), Rebeca Méndez, Mark Randall, Nancy Skolos, Thomas Wedell, and Lance Wyman.

Art Chantry, recognized for his intrepid exploration of subculture visual communication and his fearless celebration of cultural diversity

Emmett McBain, recognized for his revolutionary design leadership and profound social impact in cofounding Burrell-McBain Advertising

Rebecca Méndez, recognized for challenging and transforming academia and design with her innovative interplay of identity and culture

Mark Randall, recognized for his singular dedication to diversity in design and his tenacity in funding minority and economically disadvantaged design students

Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell, recognized for pushing the boundaries of art, design, and technology with a distinctive vision to find connection among disparate forms

Lance Wyman, recognized for his mastery of visual ecosystems and for setting the standard for the universal, public design experience

Recipients of the 2017 AIGA Medal are distinguished practitioners and leaders whose persistent forward-thinking and profound mastery of their craft have re-imagined design’s impact on business, education, and our communities.

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