The Americans Are Coming, 1970
Black Power/White Power 1970
The Forgotten Society, 1971
The Junkie
The Life and Times of Richard Nixon, 1974
Brown Foxe, Military Academy for Boys
The Illustrated Cat
South Africa’s Seat of Power
Denver Art Museum

Gifted to the Denver Art Museum (the DAM) in 2006, the AIGA Design Archives at the DAM represents the largest and most comprehensive holding of contemporary American communication design in the world. Consisting of more than 7,000 entries (approximately 12,000 artifacts) created from about 1980 to 2012, the collection recognizes award-winning entries made to the organization’s annual competitions.

The materials reflect major design trends as well as many of the leading design firms and individual designers within the United States during this 32-year period, such as Gail Anderson, Michael Bierut, Sylvia Harris, Jennifer Morla, Stefan Sagmeister, and Paula Scher, to name only a few.

It also includes a broad range of materials including bound and unbound paper objects, metal, textiles, glass, plastic, multimedia, electronic media, and packaging for food and toiletry items.

By making a major commitment to building one of the preeminent modern and contemporary design collections in the United States, the DAM has become a pioneer among museums, and was selected to receive the AIGA Design Archives based on its longstanding dedication to design as well as its location, which is accessible to designers, students, and researchers outside the immediate vicinity of the more traditional New York or West Coast locus of graphic design.

When combined with the DAM’s growing collection of contemporary design, the AIGA Design Archives provides visitors with an even more enlightening and dynamic narrative of design from the era.

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