“It’s So You” New York Times Magazine cover

“It’s So You” New York Times Magazine cover

The New York Times, New York, New York, 1999


This was a cover of a special issue of the New York Times Magazine devoted to clothing and identity. Our mission was to create a stylish cover that would convey to the general reader that this was an intellectual inquiry into fashion and identity, but we had to do it without looking like a fashion magazine. We photographed the model Shalom Harlow in a plain muslin dress, and superimposed her face onto that dress. The double take prevents the image from reading like a fashion image, and forces the reader to consider the question “Are you what you wear?”

Collections: AIGA 365: 21 (2000)
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Magazine


Design firm
The New York Times
Art director
Janet Froelich
Claude Martel
Photo editor
Kathy Ryan
Andrew Elcues
Stymie Extra Bold, Cheltenham NYT extra light
The New York Times