“E” guide, “E” pocket guide
“E” guide, “E” pocket guide
“E” guide, “E” pocket guide
“E” guide, “E” pocket guide

“E” guide, “E” pocket guide

O2 Design, Washington, District of Columbia, 2003


Crane Business Papers wanted to increase their paper sales by promoting their extensive line of envelopes. The challenge was to design a promotion that designers would use as a resource. The "E" Guide: Envelopes Seen Clearly became the envelope resource guide, the first envelope guide of its kind, clearly showing every envelope manufactured and stocked by Crane, in every color, flap and finish, with dimensions, quantities and ordering information. In addition, an "E" Template (No. 10 postal standards template), and an "E" Chart (a poster template of all the envelopes in the line) were included in a pocket.

Aside from the printing, every aspect of the project was assembled by hand. A limited quantity of 2,000 was produced. Additional copies of the “E” Template and “E” Chart were produced to distribute separately.

To promote the “E” Guide, we developed the "E" Pocket Guide, a mini "E" Guide that a designer can use as a desk reference. Seven thousand were produced.

The “E” Guide has been well received and has become a coveted item. The guides are distributed by appointment by the Crane sales representatives. The “E” Pocket Guides are also popular and distributed at Crane events.

The total budget for this project was $114,000.

Juror Notes

These are fantastic. They make me want to use them, the system is perfect. Very handy.

Collections: AIGA 365: 25 (2004)
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Instructional tool, Booklet


Design firm
O2 Design
Creative directors
Tamera Lawrence, Robert McVearry
Tamera Lawrence
Production artist
Tamera Lawrence
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Assemblers Binding
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Crane Business Papers Fluorescent White 134 lb. cover
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Don Schreiber and Company
Crane & Co.