Security Breach and Partly Cloudy posters
Security Breach and Partly Cloudy posters
Security Breach and Partly Cloudy posters

Security Breach and Partly Cloudy posters

Triboro Design, Brooklyn, New York, 2003


Sodium Sodium, a Chicago-based deejay, asked me to create posters to promote his two upcoming releases, Partly Cloudy and Security Breach. The posters needed to promote a wide variety of performances at multiple venues. Event information was applied later in the form of labels and/or stamps created by the performer.

The artist asked us to focus on the title of each release and downplay his name. We realized that Sodium Sodium’s fan base would show up to his events regardless, so we tried to create imagery that would spark the viewer’s curiosity and draw in new fans. The goal I had for both images was to interpret and communicate the titles of the releases in humorous, eye-catching and memorable ways. For Partly Cloudy one of my childhood drawings became the solution. The final design is identical in composition to my tiny sketch. The idea for Security Breach came quickly, but the decision to print layers of white to render the edge of the envelope came toward the end of the design process. The change in execution adds new layers conceptually. The area of the envelope that would normally be free of ink is now saturated in five think layers of white. The resulting raised outline adds a tactile surprise to the poster and the slightly off white color makes reference to the glue that would normally line the envelope’s edges.

Current fans of Sodium Sodium claim that the design was faithful to his wit and humor. The poster brought new fans/awareness/gigs to the up-and-coming artist.

The budget for Security Breach was $650 for printing, $1,000 for design and production. For Partly Cloudy, the budget was $290 for printing and paper, $1,000 for design and production.

In terms of environmental responsibility, Partly Cloudy is printed on recycled paper.

Juror Notes

They achieved a nice subtlety lined with acute humor.

Collections: AIGA 365: 25 (2004)
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Promotion


Design firm
Triboro Design
Creative director
David Heasty
David Heasty
David Heasty
Kayrock Screenprinting
Printing method
Pacon Manila Drawing Paper
Helvetica Medium
DJ Sodium Sodium