Siegel+Gale, New York, 2010


Project brief: Mobile communications innovator Motorola, Inc. was at a crossroads: after more than 80 years of operating as a single company, the company decided to separate into two independent organizations—one focused on consumers and one focused on government and enterprise customers.

For Motorola’s government and enterprise business, Motorola Solutions, this moment created an opportunity—and an imperative—to tell a clear, compelling story of independence that would reinforce its commitment to innovation and motivate and inspire its global team of employees. It was a moment to unite Motorolans and give them a renewed sense of pride in the contributions they make.

Approach: Through our in-depth analysis, Siegel+Gale recognized the opportunity to connect employees more directly with the people and organizations that use Motorola’s products and solutions, and with the impact those products and solutions make. What employees needed was Purpose—a clear articulation of the difference they make in the world—to help guide them, inspire them and reignite their commitment to innovation.

Working in partnership with the Motorola team, we reconnected the organization with the impact they have on the individuals and organizations they serve, whenever or wherever they need it most. For first responders in emergency situations, for doctors and nurses caring for their patients or for retail associates during holiday sales: Motorola matters all around the world, in moments that are truly mission-critical as well as those that are life-enhancing. This core insight enabled us to uncover and articulate a clear Purpose: to help people be their best in the moments that matter. Fortified with this Purpose, we developed all the elements of a strategic foundation—a new brand promise, values and brand voice—as well as an invigorating new visual identity to introduce Motorola Solutions to the world.

The Motorola Brand Book and cover wrapper, which details the strategic framework, delivered a tangible visual to better tell the story of the organization’s Purpose and the strong messaging we created. The storytelling framework was truly a global initiative, replicated across all regions. The creative direction inspired the look and feel for the website, and was a huge departure from old advertising campaigns.

Effectiveness: Prior to our engagement, Motorola Solutions had always talked about itself as a technology developer. The company was founded by engineers and for years had spoken like them. Siegel+Gale helped inject key dimensions into how Motorola Solutions thought and talked about itself. Our client shared that prior to our engagement, communications were disparate and cluttered, to the point where the message was lost within the design. Siegel+Gale gave the organization a toolset that allowed employees to focus on their stories and the true impact they provide to Motorola Solutions.

The success and effectiveness of this project was tangible from day one. Employees were excited to share the new Motorola Solutions story. Simplifying and clarifying the visuals and voice of the company has already led to smarter design choices, cohesive communications and higher employee morale, only three months into launch. Now the employees of Motorola Solutions—energized by a clear sense of Purpose and enabled by our training and guidelines—have the tools and the focus they need to feel connected to and inspired by the tremendous impact they have on the world.

Juror Notes

This piece is full of impact about how Motorola helps people, without showing products and people.

Collections: AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Brand and identity systems, Brand identity, Corporate communication, Booklet


Design firm
Siegel+Gale, New York
Creative director
Young Kim
Production director
Steffanie Haase
Production coordinator
Claudine Huie
Content strategist
Clara Henning
Project manager
Heather Hardy
Printing method
Conventional litho
Binding method
Saddle stitch
Finch Opaque Bright White Smooth Text and Cover
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