Sponsors of Tomorrow

Sponsors of Tomorrow

Mirada, Los Angeles , 2010


Project brief: The goal was to develop living portraits and share insight into six innovative leaders at Intel. Each of the individuals profiled are specialized Intel scientists showcased at the 2010 Intel Developers Forum (IDF) conference. Their backgrounds were all very different and unique. Our assignment was to help visualize each of their areas of expertise and to bring their backgrounds to life. Some of the specialties included areas in photonics, anthropology, patents and nanotechnology.

Approach: These two pieces were shown at the IDF conference on various screen displays around the expo. To begin the process, we interviewed and spoke with each of the Intel scientists. Intel had provided us with specific information on each of their backgrounds, which we found extremely interesting. For the production, our approach was to build out a set that acted as the background. The set was located in Portland, Oregon. We did a lighting shift to help focus on each of the individuals, which helped provide a more flexible background for us to express a wide variety of ideas. The designers, animators, code artists and visual-effects artists helped bring each of these worlds to life.

Effectiveness: The agency and Intel were incredibly happy with the end result. Learning more about the people behind the scenes helps to better understand the advances that are possible by a company like Intel.

Juror Notes

Very difficult to take ordinary people and create a rich visual experience. They embrace the “ordinariness” of the people by surrounding them with artifacts of their trade. Beautifully executed.

Collections: AIGA 365: Design Effectiveness (2011)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Video