AIGA/San Francisco 1996 Environmental Award

AIGA/San Francisco 1996 Environmental Award

Vanderbyl Design, San Francisco, California, 1996


This award is given to designers and clients who have shown environmental responsibility. Designing objects that seem destined for landfill—like bowling trophies or this award—is difficult. We solved the problem through our choice of materials. To avoid using caustic materials, the award was fabricated out of raw sheets of aluminum that were mechanically cut and engraved with typography. The entire piece was pressure-fit to avoid the need for adhesives. The award can be totally recycled, like a soda can.

Collections: The Greening of Design
Discipline: Information design
Format: Brand identity, Information graphic, Artifact


Design firm
Vanderbyl Design
Art director/designer
Michael Vanderbyl
Thomas Swan Sign Company
AIGA/San Francisco