Dicksons AIGA Promotion

Dicksons AIGA Promotion

Design: M/W, New York, New York, 1997


Dickson’s commissioned this piece to showcase their abilities as a specialty printer and engraver to the designers attending the AIGA’s National Design conference in New Orleans. They requested that the piece be a commemorative reminder of New Orleans. We chose to make the piece in scrapbook format, which naturally calls for many different kinds of materials to be combined, thereby making the large range of techniques that Dickson’s wanted to show make sense in one piece. In addition, Dickson’s positioned themselves as problem solvers who can realize unique techniques. The irreverent use of engraving and foil stamping, as well as the complexity of the piece, immediately conveys their willingness to experiment and competence at producing a quality result.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 19 (1998)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Promotion, Booklet


Design firm
Design: M/W
Creative director
J. Phillip Williams
Graphic designers
Allison Muench-Williams, Mats Hakansson, Ariel Apte
Dicksons Inc.
Dicksons Inc.