Gensler corporate branding
Gensler corporate branding
Gensler corporate branding
Gensler corporate branding
Gensler corporate branding
Gensler corporate branding
Gensler corporate branding

Gensler corporate branding

Gensler, San Francisco, California, 2008


The challenge of Gensler’s externally facing brand program was to convey the culture and values of a design firm of exceptional breadth in its markets and offerings. With more than 2,500 active clients, Gensler completes close to 4,000 projects a year, ranging in size from wine labels to new urban districts. With offices in 30 cities, it has worked in 2,200 different communities, drawing on an array of design services.

The richness of this offer had to be captured in a brand program simple and flexible enough to allow for on-the-fly customization at the local office level yet robust enough to reinforce Gensler’s leading position among global design firms. Thus it incorporates both the print and interactive media created and maintained by a central team, and a full collection of templates for use in marketing and business development at the local level. New content and brand oversight are provided by this central team, which works closely with practice leaders and field marketers. This helps surface and incorporate best practices from the local level, giving the brand an open-source quality that recognizes its size, global reach and diversity.

Juror Notes

The expression of the brand adapts to every piece. The implementation is great—simple and straightforward, without being simplistic. Bold and elegant. 

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Brand and identity systems, Program


Design firm
Creative director
Mark Coleman
Peiti Chia, Mark Jones, Joohyun Park, Tiffany Ricardo, Peter Synak
Interactive designers
Jonathan Skolnick, Method
John Parman, Matthew Richardson
Barbara McCarthy, Rupal Shah
Ambassador Press (folder, note card, envelope), Beijing Artron Color Printing Co., Ltd. (Cities book), Hemlock Printers Ltd. (annual report), K P Corporation (stationery), Watermark Press (brand booklets), WestDigital (proposal)
Neenah, Environment PC 100, white (stationery), Mohawk Options, 100% PC, Cool White, smooth (annual report), Finch Fine, 80 lb. cover, 80 lb. text (proposal), Strathmore Script Smooth, PC 100, White, 130 lb. (folder), Finch Fine, Bright White, 130 lb. antique finish
Custom Kievit OT