Sólo los Personajes Cambian
Sólo los Personajes Cambian
Sólo los Personajes Cambian
Sólo los Personajes Cambian
Sólo los Personajes Cambian
Sólo los Personajes Cambian

Sólo los Personajes Cambian

Blok Design, Mexico City, Mexico, 2004


Sólo los Personajes Cambian is an art book/catalog for a contemporary art exhibition taking place at the Museo Marco in Mexico. Given the diversity of the audience and, most important, the many different artists and curators that were part of this project, our challenge was to create a space within this book where all the art could coexist, and yet give it enough personality to become a piece on its own. Starting with the book's cover, the name of the exhibition and the book is not as important as those of the artists that it showcases. The artists' names appear on the spine, crossing the edges from one side to the other. The black suedelike cover creates a first impression not only visual but tactile, enticing the senses even before you open the book. Inside the book, the list of artists is again predominant, and curators' texts are homogenized with numbers, democratizing them and their ideas. This is a book about the work itself. The size was chosen to make the book accessible and personal. Art is an aspect of our everyday lives, and it was our responsibility as designers to create not an untouchable piece but one that invites the reader to relate to the work and the text. Type is simple and bold yet still makes its own statement. Given the fact that the book was intended to accompany an exhibition, its success can be measured by the positive response we got from the museum and the public, as well as the international recognition it received. But most important was the experience of working and collaborating with curators and editors to design something honest that would reflect the exhibition's intentions and vision.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2004
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Blok Design
Creative director
Vanessa Eckstein
Mariana Contegni, Vanessa Eckstein
Magalí Arriola, Patrick Charpenel, Pip Day, Ana Elena Mallet
Jeffery J. Pavelka Peet
Marco Museum
Trim size
5 3/4 x 8 1/4 inches
Quantity printed
1000 copies
Blender, Helvetica Neue
Artes Gráficas Panorama
Jacket printer
150 gr. Magno Matt Classic paper, 225 lb. Touché Cover Black