ITT Industries Identity Manual

ITT Industries Identity Manual

Landor Associates, San Francisco, California, 1998


Just as ITT Industries prides itself on building exceptional products that are “Engineered for Life,” the brand and all its various applications need to be treated with the same regard. Every element—the format, typography, materials, photography, and illustration—used in the manual contributes to the look and feel of ITT Industries, and helps communicates the precision, strength, engineering, and unity of the brand.

Given the overall length of the manual, it was decided early in the design process that each section of the manual should be able to stand alone as a separate book for ease of use. This approach posed a particular challenge in providing a final product with unique parts that always felt unified as a whole. We also tried not to make a dry and instructional identity standards manual, instead creating a document that we hope provides both content and inspiration to all who use it.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 20 (1999)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Information design
Format: Booklet


Design firm
Landor Associates
Creative director
Margaret Youngblood
Art director/designer
Jamie Calderon
David Magnusson
Bruce McGovert, Laura Pickering, Susan Manning
Humanist 777, Classical Garamond
Paragraphics/Jeff Towner; Colormatch/Willie Herzig
Fox River Starwhite Vicksburg
ITT Industries