Husker Fan Ads
Husker Fan Ads
Husker Fan Ads
Husker Fan Ads

Husker Fan Ads

Bailey Lauerman, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2008


Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. is a proud sponsor of Nebraska football. For this year’s campaign, seven ads were created to tout the fanaticism of die-hard Husker football fans.

This campaign boasted of nostalgia and gave us an opportunity to showcase the fans’ personalities through the objects they owned. Some of the iconic objects included a whiskey decanter, a homemade corncob man and a 1970s cheerleader doll. To add even more humor, the ads were printed on the front and back sides of the paper (fronts and backs of the objects were photographed so readers could have fun seeing the objects from both points of view).

“Husker fans. A little out there.” This line was used to tie everything together. The typography was designed to resemble a football game-day ticket.

Juror Notes

The fan mentality becomes accessible to everyone. This is a great use of flecked stock. The images are treated like objects. 

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Advertisement, Promotion


Design firm
Bailey Lauerman
Art directors
Ron Sack, James Strange
Ron Sack
Creative director
Carter Weitz
Scott Dobry
Production director
Gayle Adams
Production artist
Elizabeth Cox
Neveen Hegab
French Speckletone, Oatmeal, 100 lb., cover
Brody, Trade Gothic
Ameritas Group