• The North Sea
  • Books and Printing. A Treasury for Typophiles
  • The Coverdale Psalter, and the Quatrocentenary of the Printed English Bible, with a facsimile reproduction of the Psalter
  • A Sojourn in California by the King’s Orphan: The Travels and Sketches of G.M. Waseurtz
  • Handbook to the Hymnal
  • Omai, First Polynesian Ambassador to England: The True Story of his Voyage there in 1774 with Captain Cook
  • Collected Poems of Elinor Wylie
  • Scoring Systems for Flowers & Gardens, Collected by Hillsborough Garden Club
  • Code Duello: Letters Concerning the Prentiss-Tucker Duel of 1842
  • California in 1851, The Letters of Dame Shirley
  • Barefoot and the Friendly Road
  • Kamehameha, King of the Hawaiian Islands
  • The Santa Fé Trail to California 1849–1852: The Journal and Drawings of H.M.T. Powell
  • Catalogue of British Paintings in the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery
  • The Diary of Johann August Sutter, With an Introduction by Douglas S. Watson, Number 2 of the Grabhorn Press Reprints of Rare Americana
  • On the Fabric of the Human Body, Book I: The Bones and Cartilages