Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”
Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”
Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”
Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”
Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”
Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”
Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”

Exhibitions, “Geneology of Speed”

Nike Brand Design, Stephen Kinder Design Partnership, KDLAB, Beaverton, Oregon, 2004


Nike’s “Genealogy of Speed” is an exhibit less about archiving the past than about utilizing history to create a faster future. Nike Brand Design partnered with design agencies and architects in New York City and Venice Beach, California, to collaborate on the “Genealogy of Speed” exhibit spaces.

To tell this story, we created a family tree, filled with more than 250 of our most innovative products, and then focused on 30 products that spawned other successes, dating from before Nike was a company until today. Nike then asked our partners to help give this story dimension in two separate gallery spaces, each with common conceptual elements but regionally relevant distinctions.

The exhibits’ fundamental question was, “How does speed look in space”? In New York, we extruded and abstracted the family tree to create a bent steel wall communicating our innovations through time and space. Opposite and parallel to the bent wall, a smooth wall with recessed vents was created to showcase the individual products. In Venice Beach, we took the idea that speed exists around us at all times and made it visible. The speed lines raced along the ceiling and penetrated walls. The product then hung like fruit from these speed lines in interchangeable vitrines.

Collections: AIGA 365: 26 (2005)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Environmental graphic design
Format: Exhibit


Design firms
Nike Brand Design, Stephen Kinder Design Partnership, KDLAB
Creative director
Greg Hoffman (Nike Brand Design)
Design director
Paul Tew (Nike Brand Design)
Art directors
Jeff Dey, Paul Tew (Nike Brand Design), Dean Di Simone, Joseph Kosinski (KDLAB)
Production coordinator
Nancy Deverana (Nike Brand Design)
Cory Hansen (Nike Brand Design), Jennifer Kabot (Nike Brand Design), Dennie Wendt (Nike Brand Design)
Karen Kimmel (Nike Brand Design)
Architectural designers
Servo (Beach Design Team), Lynch/Eisinger/Design (KDLAB)
David Erdman (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership ), Marcelyn Gow (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Ulrika Karlsson (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Chris Perry (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Simon Eisinger (KDLAB), Christian Lynch (KDLAB)
Mike Mangiagli (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Jason McCann (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Julianna Morais (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Jeremy Whitener (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Graham Hill (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), John Kieselhorst (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Jenelle Porter (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Conny Purtill (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership)
Aria Group (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Warner Brothers Construction (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Pierose (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Material Process Systems (KDLAB), Milgo Bufkin (KDLAB), Tanagram (KDLAB)
Solter Plastics (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership)
Lighting consultation
Robert Morais (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Vladimir Rubtsov (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership), Glass Illuminations, Inc. (Stephen Kinder Design Partnership)
Haresh Lalvani (KDLAB)
Nike, Inc.