Identity, Duffy & Partners

Identity, Duffy & Partners

Duffy & Partners, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2004


The new brand identity for Duffy & Partners was created to mark its formation as an independent branding and design firm, for use in all marketing and communication endeavors—marketing materials, newsletters, computer presentations, merchandise, etc. The unusual interplay of the integrated “D” and “P” characters within the identity is simple yet highly creative and signals the core competency of the design firm. It suggests that the talent behind this brand could provide fresh and memorable brand identities for its clients as well.
The new identity has been recognized by our industry, been admired by our peers, and raised our profile with clients. The identity development, and its application in key venues, is estimated to have a total budget of $20,000–$25,000. Client business has increased due to the response we have received from the many self-promotional materials that use the identity and its visual brand language elements. Duffy & Partners has grown in revenues by 60 % since we launched our new independent company with the identity. We evaluate the success of any identity as the ability to capture the voice of the brand, in this case, our brand, Duffy & Partners. We believe it has been successful based on its fusion of form and function, simply and clearly communicating who we are and our core competency: design that tells a story.

Collections: AIGA 365: 26 (2005)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Logo


Design firm
Duffy & Partners
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Joe Duffy, Dan Olson
Ken Sakurai
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