Packaging, Le Saucier

Packaging, Le Saucier

Larsen, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2004


Le Saucier, a producer and distributor of frozen gourmet entrée sauces, needed a package design for its line, which is carried primarily by upscale grocery stores and specialty meat markets. The packaging had to convey the products’ superior quality, stand out among the competition, and challenge negative attitudes about frozen products.

Larsen developed a design that is unique to the frozen-food aisle and appeals to consumers looking for a way to create gourmet meals at home without excessive preparation. Sophisticated photography shows how the sauce is best paired with meat and vegetables, and evocative copy communicates the quality of the product and its ingredients. Suggestions for use are also included on the front of the box, making it easy for consumers to select an appropriate sauce for their meal. The design allows for both horizontal and vertical display, depending upon the shelving requirements of each retail outlet. Because the sauces are flash-frozen in plastic bags, the outer packaging does not require an additional coating to seal in moisture. As a result, the packaging can be recycled.

After Le Saucier introduced the redesigned packaging, they saw an immediate upsurge in sales.

Collections: AIGA 365: 26 (2005)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package


Design firm
Creative director
Jo Davison
Peter de Sibour
Regina Murphy
Production artist
Liz Leino
Rick Emerson
Project managers
Amy Ambrose, Diana Lillicrap, Donna Robinson
Park Printing
Printing method
15 pt. poly-coated paperboard
Monotype Modern
Le Saucier