Snow Shovels

Snow Shovels

The Office of Eric Madsen, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2000


An AIGA/Minnesota fundraising effort was able to raise sufficient funds to permanently name the primary conference room at AIGA’s National Design Center “Minnesota.” The assignment was to recognize the firms and individuals from the Minnesota chapter who contributed to the campaign effort. The solution was to design something memorable and symbolic of the Minnesota environment. A snow shovel seemed appropriate. The only available wall space in the conference room was a pair of rather narrow surfaces between the windows facing Fifth Avenue. The shovel solution seemed ideally suited for this space, and two shovels seemed necessary for visual balance. With the exception of the bolts used in fabrication, the shovels are completely custom made. Even the handles were turned on a lathe. The blades are 12-gauge stainless steel. The type engraver and the stainless steel fabricator asked that I not bring them any more projects. The shovels took six months to fabricate.

Collections: AIGA 365: 22 (2001)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Environmental graphic design
Format: Signage, Artifact


Design firm
The Office of Eric Madsen
Art director/designer
Eric Madsen
Project manager/fabrication consultant
Steve Beaudry
Ripsaw, Inc.
Rainville Carlson, Panto-Gravers