The Six-Minute Souffle

The Six-Minute Souffle

Jane West, 1976


The Six-Minute Souffle was a book the entire publishing house was behind from the start. Here was an author who had already written a bestselling cookbook and who we felt had the potential for another one. Our concern was to produce a book that would look lavish but at the same time live up to the title of the book—that is, epitomize speed and efficiency in cooking. To accomplish this economically (we could not price the book any higher than $12.95, the competition in the cookbook field being what it is), we did several things: we printed the book in two colors and used two different screen values throughout to give it a special feeling, we used specially designed large, colorful side running heads to aid the book in finding her/his way around in the book, and a great deal of care was taken in laying out the book so that each recipe would by complete on one or facing pages. The jacket was efficiently done, too: with the photographer working closely with the designer, only one shot was needed to get the desired wraparound look.

Collections: The Book Show: General Trade Books (1977)
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Art director
Jane West
Betty Binns
Jacket designer
Betty Binns
Manuela Paul
Jacket photograph
Frances McLaughlin-Gill
Production manager
George Rodriguez
Carol Cutler
6.75 x 9.75 inches
Quantity printed
first printing of 15,000
Text: 9/10, 10/11 VIP Melior, Display: Typositor Korinna Heavy, Korrina Extra Bold
David Seham Associates, Inc.
The Maple Press Company
Printing methods
Offset lithography, Book printed in two colors, two different screen values used throughout. All recipes complete on one or facing pages.
Jacket printer
Lithochrome Company
Hammermill offset opaque, 70 lb. ivory, 80 lb. C.1.S. stock, film laminated
Paper manufacturer
Hammermill Paper Company
Paper supplies
Lindenmeyr Paper Corporation
The Maple Press Company
Binding materials
GSB cloth, natural, made and supplied by G.S.B. Fabrics Corporation; on 110 pt. pasted board
Binding method
Smyth sewn, round back
Multiocolor Antique, scarlet
Endpaper manufacturer
G.S.B. Fabrics Corporation
Endpaper supplies
The Maple Press Company
Clarkson Potter