A Sense of Place: Design Guidelines for Yosemite Valley

A Sense of Place: Design Guidelines for Yosemite Valley

Madeleine Corson Design, San Francisco, California, 2005


A Sense of Place is an architectural and landscape design-guidelines book developed by a team of architects, landscape architects and park historians for Yosemite Valley, a world-class park undergoing constant change. The publisher’s intent is to inform building and site development and rehabilitation efforts in order to retain a holistic and natural aesthetic within this cherished national park—an essential aspect of long-term preservation goals and contribution to visitor enjoyment of this national treasure.

Editorial content was distilled from information gathered on field trips over the course of three years. The characteristics that constitute the appropriate design and rustic style of the park’s architecture and the built landscape were analyzed by the project team. Sketches and photographs illustrate key design points in building and landscape architecture. Content also encompasses natural-setting characteristics, including scenic views, vegetation, and natural systems and features. A historic overview on the park and its importance in the history of national park development, wilderness and scenic protection precedes the guidelines portion of the book.

Our goal graphically was to present the multiple facets of content in a clear hierarchy and legible manner, to organize subjects according to geographic area, and to ensure a user-friendly format that is both practical and inspirational.

Juror Notes

This is ostensibly a “work book” that has not lost sight of what it’s meant to be: it’s legible, practical and modestly produced. However, the designer has brought more than a modicum of design to the pages: photography, illustration—old and new—maps, plans, glossary, bibliography all add up to an example of a well-designed, economically produced book.

Collections: 50 Books | 50 Covers of 2005
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Book design
Format: Book


Design firm
Madeleine Corson Design
Creative director
Madeleine Corson
Madeleine Corson, Supreeya Pongkasem
Jacket designers
Madeleine Corson, Supreeya Pongkasem
Melissa Harris
Randy Fong, George Homsey, Tito Patri, Yosemite Research Library Archive
Production designer
Madeleine Corson
Production artist
Supreeya Pongkasem
Picture editor
George Homsey
Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis, National Park Service
Katherine Whitney, Esherick Homsey Dodge & Davis, National Park Service
Trim size
9.625 x 11 inches
Quantity printed
Madeleine Corson Design
Van Dijck MT, Gill Sans
DPI Rochester, LLC
Mohawk Superfine Cover, 160 lb. double thick, Ultra White, Mohawk Superfine, 100 lb. text, Smooth White
Binding method
National Park Service