Georgia-Pacific “Feel the Difference” Campaign

Georgia-Pacific “Feel the Difference” Campaign

i.e., design, Canton, Georgia, 1998


“Feel the Difference” was designed as a unique paper promotion for Nekoosa Solutions. As a follow-up to the successful “Taste the Difference” campaign, i.e., design created a program that focused on the product’s features for “a new age of value and performance.” A series of advertising inserts featured both four-color and duotone images of meditation, sleep, water, and music. Corresponding simple solutions for improving designers’ quality of life, such as meditation and so on, were featured in each ad. Designers who responded to the ads received a special promotional item that also served as a fulfillment and incentive vehicle. The fulfillment piece asked designers to illustrate how Nekoosa Solutions allowed them to “feel the difference” with a personal case study of a project produced on the paper. The best case study was awarded a spa vacation for two.

i.e., design’s image campaign for Nekoosa Solutions allowed Georgia-Pacific to dramatically increase sales of the product and enable users to perceive an average product in an above-average light. By the end of the campaign, Nekoosa Solutions had been transformed from “printer grade” to a legitimate text and cover choice.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 20 (1999)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Advertisement, Package, Booklet


Design firm
i.e., design
Art director/designer
i.e., design
Maria Robledo
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