• The curse, does it have to be?
  • "In memory of the 1,700,000 Americans..."
  • Old Volkswagen Station Wagons never die.
  • The curse, does it have to be?
  • “Why do men who hate girdles…”
  • “Round-the-Clock stockings. They fit.”
  • Hanes Captures the Young Romantics, promotion piece
  • Hertz Can Get You To Wherever You're Skiing... poster
  • Can you still get prime quality for $1.26 a pound?
  • “Through this portal pours the greatest beer in the West.”
  • “This television can screen out hate, guns and violence."
  • "My wife ran away with my best friend, and I miss him."
  • Governor Rockefeller’s Air Pollution Law is the Toughest in the U.S.A…, poster
  • "Not every place in Israel is mentioned in the Bible."
  • For the price of some station wagons and their optional extras, you can buy a VW Station Wagon and this optional extra.
  • It Takes All Kinds of Closures To Make a World