Critique Magazine Winter 1997 “Relevance” Issue
Critique Magazine Winter 1997 “Relevance” Issue
Critique Magazine Winter 1997 “Relevance” Issue

Critique Magazine Winter 1997 “Relevance” Issue

Neumeier Design Team, Palo Alto, California, 1996


Critique is a premium-quality quarterly that explores the thinking behind graphic design. Articles range from panel reviews of current designs to analyses of historical designs, from essays on the principles of communication to insider tips on designing high-performance websites. Contributors include leading graphic designers and experts in related fields such as marketing, writing, and psychology. As a design project, Critique succeeds by virtue of its transparency, never letting the magazine upstage its material.

Critique number three discusses relevance. To communicate with any real meaning, designers need the automatic ability to distinguish a creative breakthrough from a conceptual box canyon. Relevance is about forging connections between style and design, design and concept, concept and strategy. It’s about linking creativity with purpose.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 18 (1997)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Editorial design
Format: Magazine


Design firm
Neumeier Design Team
Creative director
Christopher Chu
Graphic designers
Kellie Barnbach, Vinh Chung, Aimee Dale, Heather McDonald
Jeanne Carley
Vectora, Times Roman
Graphic Center
Mohawk 50/10 Plus, Mohawk Superfine Eggshell
Neumeier Design Team