Moo Poster
Moo Poster
Moo Poster

Moo Poster

Mark Oldach Design, Ltd., Chicago, Illinois, 1996


Mark Oldach was asked to speak at the Des Moines Art Directors Club about creativity, and as part of the deal he was supposed to design a poster to be given away after the talk. The thought process was to express the topic of creativity and somehow evoke a sense of Iowa in the poster. After a debate in the studio on how to represent Iowa accurately, our group decided that a cow, symbolizing Iowa’s agricultural way of life, was the way to go. Moo can also stand for Mark Oliver Oldach. Now with Mark and a cow in mind, the challenge was to show both in their best light. On one side of the poster, the Holstein’s spots were used to express some of Mark’s favorite thoughts on creativity. The poster’s other side put a different spin on things, representing Mark and the cow typographically.

Collections: Communication Graphics: 18 (1997)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Illustration
Format: Illustration, Posters, Promotion


Design firm
Mark Oldach Design, Ltd.
Creative director
Don Emery
Art director
Mark Oldach
Graphic designer
Guido Mendez
Mark Oldach
Matrix Inline Script, Syntax
Holm Graphic Services, Inc.
Potlatch Quintessence
Art Directors Club of Iowa