Senior Library 2004
Senior Library 2004
Senior Library 2004
Senior Library 2004
Senior Library 2004
Senior Library 2004

Senior Library 2004

School of Visual Arts, New York, New York, 2005


The Senior Library was established by Richard Wilde, the chair of the graphic design and advertising department at the School of Visual Arts in New York. The intent of the Library was to showcase the best work done by the graduating seniors, as well as to give a long-standing senior-portfolio teacher an opportunity (and gift) to design the book with total creative freedom.
Months before I started to design the books, I asked each graduating student to provide me with a silhouette of their head/profile and their hand, and a simple line drawing of their eye. What I actually did with them remained to be seen. My instinct, though, was to somehow use them to illustrate the individual as well as collective voice of the students. This game of chance paid off beyond my initial expectations. What I got from the students was an amazing collection of images that gave me the tools to create collages and patterns ranging from minimal to abstract, resembling etchings and lithographs that ultimately stimulated the sensibility of the overall package.
I wanted the Library to be digestible and intimate, so that it would avoid any semblance of an unwieldy, endless, run-of-the-mill graphic design annual. Therefore, the Library is divided into five easily digestible books. The first book contains the editorial pages that include the chairman’s statement, my statement, a roundtable discussion with design writer Akiko Busch and 10 seniors, a typographic “20 questions” interpreted by five SVA senior alumni, plus the above-mentioned “self-portraits.”
The next three books are examples of the senior work in alphabetical order. These books are meant to illustrate the impressive girth of work, talent, ambition and intelligence of the graduating seniors. The fifth book is a single monograph representing the thesis of one of the graduating seniors, whose work, I believe, represents a unique, single vision of an exemplary SVA student.

Juror Notes

Makes you want to go to the school.
Gutsy, clunky, uncomfortable and beautiful.
It’s a keepsake.
Design without being pretentious or overdesigned.
Doesn’t need to be elegant to be beautiful.
Acknowledges the creative spirit of the school

Collections: AIGA 365: 27 (2006)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Promotional design and advertising
Format: Direct mail, Promotion


Design firm
School of Visual Arts
Creative directors
Carin Goldberg, Richard Wilde
Art director/designer
Carin Goldberg
Andrea Buso, Jason Fulford
Production directors
Adam Wahler, A to A Graphics, Inc.
Akiko Busch, Richard Wilde
Akiko Busch
Project manager
Carolyn Hinkson-Jenkins
Graphicom (Verona, Italy)
Helvetica, Baskerville
School of Visual Arts