826 Valencia Products

826 Valencia Products

Office, San Francisco, California, 2008


Office collaborated with 826 Valencia, a nonprofit tutoring center for youth, to reinvigorate its pirate-supply storefront. We developed the store’s new identity, and conceptualized and designed nearly 50 new products. “Office has produced some of the most ravishing and funny buccaneer supplies yet known to man,” said Dave Eggers, 826 Valencia founder and McSweeney’s editor. Reflecting the store’s wildly imaginative experience, the products represent 826’s mission to support creative expression. All proceeds directly benefit 826 Valencia’s writing programs.

Juror Notes

The content is the brand, and the designer created the content. Purposefully overwhelming. 

Collections: AIGA 365: 30 (2009)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Brand and identity systems design
Format: Brand and identity systems


Design firm
Creative directors
Jill Robertson, Jason Schulte
Rob Alexander, Jeff Bucholtz, Will Ecke, Gaelyn Mangrum
826 Valencia