“Talking Tools” game

“Talking Tools” game

Spunk Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2001


We created, illustrated, tested, funded, re-tested and delivered this product ourselves. It was made with the common studio goal of creating a cost-effective book of therapeutic board games for caregivers to play with “at-risk” kids.

Partnering with certified school psychologist, Jim Anderson, we identified hard issues, such as divorce, death, self-image and conflict-resolution, that had to be presented in a safe, role-playing environment. The solution had to be inexpensive to produce to bring the cost per unit down to a teacher-friendly level. Careful testing, critique and directed redesign from industry experts and kids brought “Talking Tools” to a higher level.

Juror Notes

“I admire the fact that this game addresses a very difficult audience—dysfunctional children—and encourages communication. It is also engaging, portable and inexpensive.”

Collections: AIGA 365: 23 (2002)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Experience design
Format: Game