Interactivity by Design
Interactivity by Design
Interactivity by Design

Interactivity by Design

MetaDesign, Ignition, San Francisco, California, 1996


Interactivity by Design is a book for everyone who manages or designs interactive products.In plain language, it reveals the process of interactive design as a system of decisions and tasks leading to products that work.

The design objective was to show communicators a clear path through the complex, interrelated design and management issues that arise in creating an interactive product.

The result is a guide to the design process from concept through prototype, presented as a series of clearly identified topics and steps. Each topic is covered in self-contained modules that make sense both independently and as integral parts of the process. Each module is illustrated with real-world problems and solutions that people can apply to their own work.

Collections: Design of Understanding 2
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Information design
Format: Book, Promotion


Design firms
MetaDesign, Ignition
Creative directors
Ray Kristof, Amy Satran (Ignition)
Information graphics
Ray Kristof, Amy Satran (Ignition)
Joshua Distler, Jeff Zwerner (MetaDesign)
Scala Sans and Myriad
Shepard Poorman
Adobe Press