Los Lobos “Just Another Band from East L.A.”

Los Lobos “Just Another Band from East L.A.

Warner Bros. Records, Burbank, California, 1996


Louie Perez (of Los Lobos) and I wanted to create a portrait of East Los Angeles for this, their career retrospective. However, we didn’t want to focus on the common things one associates with a Latin community—the food, people, or gangs and graffiti. We wanted to show the abstract and accidental visuals that happen everywhere, things you might not notice or see out of the corner of your eye. We brought in Keith Carter to do the photo shoot and most of the images were shot within a one-block radius of each other. Since the images were abstractions, the typography needed to be as well.

Collections: Sound Off: The Top 100 CDs, Music Videos and Print Collateral
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package, Album cover


Design firm
Warner Bros. Records
Art directors/designers
Louie Perez, Tom Recchion
Keith Carter, Fredrik Nilsen
Warner Bros. Records