Sam Cooke’s SAR Records Story

Sam Cooke’s SAR Records Story

ABKCO, New York, New York, 1996


Sam Cooke’s SAR Records Story was a tribute to Sam Cooke for his contributions as a songwriter, producer, and performer. SAR was born out of the vision of Sam Cooke and J.W. Alexander, who sought a way to broaden the appeal of gospel music while introducing the techniques of gospel into the world of pop.

The packaging incorporates a black-and-white illustration with minimal type on the exterior. The type is simple, but the use of metallic ink (bronze) augments the design and sets the tone of colors used throughout the package and on the CDs. The interior repeats the illustration and subtly includes Sam Cooke’s signature in black on black. The book continues with classic black-and-white photographs and screens of the metallic bronze. The striking illustration and the continued use of bronze and various screens of bronze create an effective, eye-catching design that draws the consumer.

Collections: Sound Off: The Top 100 CDs, Music Videos and Print Collateral
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Package design
Format: Package, Album cover


Design firm
Art director
Iris Keitel
Assistant art director
Alisa Ritz
Diana Graham, Cody Rasmussen
Angelo Tillery
Lenne Allik
Queens Group
ABKCO Records