• Technical Publications 1948
  • The Assassination Bureau, Ltd.
  • The Highway and the City
  • The Maltine Company Annual Report 1950
  • The College Handbook
  • Some Oyster Recipes
  • Report of the Study for the Ford Foundation on Policy and Program
  • India in the New Era. A Study of the Origin and Development of the Indian Union and Pakistan
  • The Book of Psalms and the First Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ecclesiastes, King James version
  • The Obedience of a King of Portugal
  • Books and Printing. A Treasury for Typophiles
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Richard Neutra on Building: Mystery and Realities of the Site
  • Bizet and His World
  • Through Golden Windows 5 Volumes:  Fun and Fantasy (vol. 1); Adventures Here and There (vol. 2); Children Everywhere (vol. 3); American Backgrounds (vol. 4); Man and His World (vol. 5)