2003 annual report, NFB
2003 annual report, NFB
2003 annual report, NFB
2003 annual report, NFB

2003 annual report, NFB

Paprika, Montreal, Quebec, 2004


Like most government agencies, the NFB works within tight budgetary constraints. Even so, we felt we could produce an annual report that was equal to the NFB’s world-renowned reputation for creativity in the film and animation industry.

We totally revised the look and format of their annual report, transforming what used to be a black-and-white 120-page tumble file book into three distinctive documents reunited by a sleeve: a 288-page report of activities; a 288-page display of NFB productions and coproductions; and finally a DVD presentation of the organization.

Our breakthrough approach was to make common visual bilingual sections so we could present more productions. It’s a highly refined design, where the information is carefully organized to effectively give this respected government organization the unmistakable image of creativity it so truly deserves.

Collections: AIGA 365: 26 (2005)
Repository: Denver Art Museum
Discipline: Corporate communications design
Format: Booklet


Design firm
Creative director
Louis Gagnon
Art director/designer
René Clément
Transcontinental Litho Acme
Printing method
Binding method
Perfect bound
Domtar, Feltweave, Black, 160 M cover; Carnival, Carton, 70 lb. text, smooth; Domtar, Solutions, Carrara White, 120 M text; Domtar, Solutions, Carrara White, 12 pt. cover
National Film Board of Canada